Holy Rome!!


Back from Rome after a 3-day weekend the questions I get from everyone are the obvious: how was it? Did you like it? The short do-not-ask-me-too-much answer is:

– Good! I liked it. Thank you.

Well… I wandered the streets from Via Candia to the Coliseum and crossed the Tiber several times. Got my Roma-Pass and visited most of the must-visit spots. Plenty of interesting places and impressive ancient architecture. The city is full of history, roman ruins, art, churches, museums, castles, fountains, shops and… TOURISTS!

Constantly ambushed by merciless street vendors, there were roman-army-like masses of tourists advancing and taking by assault every street of Rome, armed with last-generation mobile phones and restlessly shooting selfies everywhere. It was insane.


The visit to the Vatican was hands down the activity I enjoyed the most, but the corridors of the Vatican museum reminded me of Tokyo’s busiest station at rush hour: thousands of sweaty bodies pushing while advancing as a herd of cattle towards the Sistine chapel, which despite the efforts of the security staff was noisier than Tokyo’s noisiest street markets. At some point I could really feel I was suffering Michelangelo’s last judgment.


Extreme. Food was either amazing or a total crap! After falling into some tourist traps I was finally saved by the grace of “Hostaria – Pizzeria Dino & Tony” and “Forno Feliziani”. I became devoted to these places. Mamma Mia! This was a true religious experience. Really.


It’s ok! Well, just a scary female-only quarrel in the Metro and a potentially-serious robbery attempt (in the best case) by two guys pretending to be police officers. Otherwise, despite the omnipresent threat of pickpockets, it was absolutely safe.

Coffee was good everywhere!!

Here are some random shots:






More pictures of Rome on my site.

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